Breakfast Serials Stories and Illustrations
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The Value We Bring

Differentiation lies at the heart of Breakfast Serials' specialization. The Company’s brand of serial is different from established newspaper content. It is different from bound books. What is more, our audience connection is different. We sustain our advantage by building new value from capabilities that truly distinguish our brand in the market.

Creating and illustrating singular intellectual property requires an established network of award-winning authors and illustrators, which Breakfast Serials invests in.

All the business, creative, editorial, and research elements that are necessary for book publication are required for original serialization; all are part of the Company’s operating processes.

Book publishers rarely illustrate novels. Full-color and black and white illustrations always accompany every Breakfast Serials installment.

Our illustrations are scanned via an elaborate photographic process to ensure high quality resolution. Both color and b&w images are customized for newsprint runs on high-speed presses.

The Company’s intellectual property is translated for our Hispanic audience.

Lastly, original serialization is not a book chopped into pieces. It is not a series of incidents strung together. Nor is it just chapters! Given the format, it’s as hard as writing gets. Breakfast Serials authors must engage audiences with characters caught up in real experiences, and it must offer those characters and their unfolding stories with elegant, revealing, and compelling immediacy. So when information isn’t enough, the Breakfast Serials platform is there.

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