Breakfast Serials Stories and Illustrations

From our Partners

“Two things everyone looks for around here, Steelers coverage and Breakfast Serials.”

- R. Brest, Circulation Director,
Butler Eagle

“The Union Leader increased their circulation for the first time in six years by publishing a Breakfast Serials novel . . .”

- J. Whalen, VP, Sales and Marketing
New Hampshire Union Leader

“One reader called me just last week and said that Breakfast Serials is the reason she and her husband are continuing their subscription to the Republic.”

- C. Midey, Editorial,
Arizona Republic

“A few days ago, the director of computer services at the paper stuck his head in my door and shyly asked what is going to happen in the next installment. It just doesn’t get any better. Also, I know that kids are reading with their parents, and adults who have not picked up a book in years are enjoying every installment.”

- P. Oso,
East Valley/Scottsdale Tribune

“ favorite response was from a phone call I got the other day. We had run a good bit of dyslexia info with the publication of Breakfast Serials’ Reading the Sky, since the serial’s protagonist is dyslexic. Even though we ran the serial in the spring of 2005, I just received this call [12.19.06] from a woman who told me that after reading it she realized that she and her two children might be dyslexic. They tested positively and were so grateful. It has changed their lives.

I would urge newspapers that license Reading the Sky to also run information about dyslexia. We understand that the University of Memphis tested many people as a result of the story. There is no telling how many discovered they had dyslexia, thanks to your serial and our supplemental info, which we published with each installment. Breakfast Serials is making a difference.”

-Bill Bailey, Ed. Services Mgr,
The Commercial Appeal

“The Detroit News has published Breakfast Serials stories for five years. Breakfast Serials continues to grow in popularity and has increased our general readership, in addition to reaching more than 25,000 students in schools every week.”

- Mark Silverman, Publisher and Editor

From our Readers

“Our family has avidly read Breakfast Serials together at breakfast every Thursday. However, tragedy struck when the Thanksgiving guests absconded with the paper, and we never got to see Episode 12. Is there anyway you can send us a copy of that one?”

– K. Rowe

“Thank you for Breakfast Serials . . . The serial was just what [my daughter] needed to capture her interest. The benefit obviously was not just for her but for both of us, as we got to spend more time reading and discussing the day’s installment. One day last week I forgot to bring the paper home. From then on she would call me at work to remind me so we could continue to read the story. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience.”

- H. Algyer

“Please keep Breakfast Serials coming. (I have even dug madly through the paper recycling bin upon realizing I missed a segment when out of town!)”

- J. Engelmann

“I love what I have read so far. I have not been reading lately, and Breakfast Serials has me enthused about reading again. I just subscribed to the local newspaper. I can’t wait to read more.”

- C. Wiseman, Microsoft IT Global Helpdesk

“Hi, I was reading weekly to my kids the story of a "ghost" haunting a modern family who moved into a revolutionary war era home in New England. The two teenagers were trying to solve the mystery of why mischief was happening. We left for vacation, had the papers stopped and missed the final two chapters. Could you send them to me? We are anxious to learn how it ended. Thanks.”

- Paul K.

“I have been reading Breakfast Serials [Up in the Air: The Story of the Wright Brothers] to my friends at the Salvation Army. There are approximately 20 in our group, and we've thoroughly enjoyed learning how the Wright Brothers never gave up on their dream Thank you for sharing your talents with us in the telling of this important tale!”

- R. Perkins

“I shared Breakfast Serials’ Long Road Home with my nephew. We discussed at length the overall story and the predictions we made between installments (we re-read the chapter 4 times before receiving the next). We discussed the accuracy of our predictions. Specifically, we talked about the sadness of the family having to experience prejudice in their new chosen home. We also discussed how nice it was that they got an immediate response from the school officials/coaches addressing the problem. I also believe that my nephew’s eyes have been opened to the plight of others around the globe.”

- Dan T. and 14-year-old nephew

“Just wanted to voice my opinion on Breakfast Serials. I loved it! I’m 33, and found myself looking forward to opening the paper every morning. It was the first section I looked in. Perfect for when I sit down for a five-minute break during the day. I look forward to more serial stories.”

-B Gallagher

"My name is Katie M. I am nine years old and going into fourth grade. I really enjoyed the story The Army of Two! I wrote a report on the story. My dad said it was better then most eighth graders could do. I would really enjoy it if you put more stories in the paper like that. I made my dad buy the paper every day.