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The Secret of Smith's Hill

Written by Nancy Garden
Illustrated by Marilynne K. Roach

When the Claver family moves to rural Rhode Island to escape the escalating dangers of their big-city neighborhood, 10-year-old twins Kelly and James look forward to exploring their surroundings. Their parents look forward to gardening and enjoying their 18th-Century house. But, the family's first night's sleep is disturbed by loud crashing sounds and the discovery that their best china has been smashed. Gradually, as more odd events take place, the twins realize that someone or something seems to be trying to communicate with them—and when their mother finds part of a Revolutionary War diary in the cellar, they suspect a connection between an 18th-century occupant of the house and the present-day disturbances. Could a Revolutionary War ghost be haunting the Clavers—and if so, why? It's only after a serious rift in the family that the twins finally solve the mystery to their parents' and their own satisfaction, taking action that restores peace to the old house on Smith's Hill.

Spanish translation available.


Story Length:

18 chapters

Chapter Length:

~725 words


Logo art and 18 original chapter illustrations in color and black and white

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