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The Black Squirrel

Written by Joseph Bruchac
Illustrated by David Fadden

Mac is just an ordinary kid. Sure, he's Abenaki Indian and his grandmother Katherine is always telling him traditional stories. Great stories—about monster animals, Chenoo cannibal giants, Little People, and brave deeds done to protect the people. But Mac is no different from any other kid. His biggest worry is that the nearby woods he loves will soon be destroyed and there is nothing he can do—or so he thinks. To his surprise a huge Black Squirrel—a monster out of his grandmother's stories—shows up outside Mac's window followed by Wesu, one of the Little People. "It is your turn to be a hero", Wesu tells him. With the help of Wesu, a giant hawk named Kiiyaa, and a magic bow named Striker, Mac must defeat the forces of darkness led by a cannibal Chenoo. These creatures are out to destroy the heart of the world and only Mac can stop them. Whether he likes it or not, Mac's adventures are about to begin!

Spanish translation available.


Story Length:

16 chapters

Chapter Length:

~900 words


Logo art and 16 original chapter illustrations in color and black and white

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