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Chapter 1

Minnie and Moo in The Seven Wonders of the World

Written by Denys Cazet
Illustrated by Denys Cazet

Full of clever word play and very funny dialogue, Minnie and Moo In The Seven Wonders of the World, is a gentle, if hilarious spoof about those who are gullible. There is a farm—it doesn't matter where—with two dairy cows by the name of Minnie and Moo. Though cows are not supposed to think, Moo is a thinker. Minnie, on the other hand, is all for action.

When it's thought that Mr. and Mrs. Farmer are under pressure to sell the farm, Minnie and Moo realize they have to help raise some money. Otherwise they'll go back to being ordinary animals. They decide to promote the farm's "seven mysteries", things which combine a little truth with a little exaggeration, enough to attract animal onlookers who are willing to pay to see some rather strange sights.

Minnie and Moo, in the best tradition of farcical comedy, very gently satirizes the actions of a herd instinct.

Spanish translation available.


Story Length:

10 chapters

Chapter Length:

~825 words


Logo art and 10 original chapter illustrations in color and black and white

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