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Future Times Past: The Eagles Tale

Written by Rafe Martin
Illustrated by Anna Rich

It’s the distant future. The People, as they call themselves, remember the distant past—when the world was dark, when nations and cities vanished in the wake of dreadful wars and nature’s devastation. But the People also remember that they have been helped by the Eagles—mysterious, powerful aliens who have come periodically to help rebuild life as it once was. Now, one hundred years after their last visit, the Eagles return to a nearby mountaintop. The signs, however, of their latest arrival are ominous. Will they bring good or evil? Rainera, a fourteen-year-old girl with perhaps more pluck than wisdom, secretly decides that she and her friend Dalton will go meet them. What will they find on the mountaintop when they confront the Eagles: the past, the future, or a terrible fate?

Spanish translation available.


Story Length:

18 chapters

Chapter Length:

~925 words


Logo art and 18 original chapter illustrations in color and black and white

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