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A Long Walk to Water

Written by Linda Sue Park
Illustrated by Jim Averbeck

A Long Walk to Water is an original serial novel taken from today's headlines.

Written for the Breakfast Serials audience by Linda Sue Park, author of many novels for young people (including the Newbery Award winner A Single Shard), A Long Walk to Water is based on the true story of Salva, one of some 3,800 Sudanese "Lost Boys" airlifted to the United States beginning in the mid 1990s.

Before leaving Africa, Salva's life is one of harrowing tragedy. Separated from his family by war and forced to travel on foot through hundreds of miles of hostile territory, he survives starvation, animal attacks, and disease, and ultimately leads a group of about 150 boys to safety in Kenya. Relocated to upstate New York, Salva resourcefully learns English and continues on to college. Eventually he returns to his home region in southern Sudan to establish a foundation that installs deep-water wells in remote villages in dire need of clean water. This poignant story of Salva's life is told side-by-side with the story of Nya, a young girl who lives today in one of those villages.


Story Length:

18 chapters

Chapter Length:

~1000 words


Logo art and 18 original chapter illustrations in color and black and white.

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