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Illustrator Maile Pickett

Maile Pickett

"I'm thrilled to be a part of Breakfast Serials and hope that Desolation Canyon will encourage reading, artwork and the spirit of adventure in everyday life. I especially like the way that newspapers make a story available in neighborhoods where books may be scarce."


Maile Pickett is a freelance artist. She is a graduate of the Illustration as Visual Essay, MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Born and raised in Honolulu, she lived a good part of her early adult years in search of adventure, living in a homemade shack in a redwood forest, working on social justice issues, and occasionally hoboing across the country on freight trains. She has worked as a graphic designer, print shop assistant, telephone order taker, art store cashier and library researcher. She currently lives and works in Lubbock, Texas with her husband Soren, and their two dogs.


Desolation Canyon

Desolation Canyon is a story about kids and their dads learning about the world, themselves, and the meaning of father and sons, fathers and daughters.

Then too, it is an old-fashioned adventure yarn, full of suspense and sought after danger. But it is not a tale of man against nature, rather, a joining of the two, that enriches characters in the story and the people who will read it.

Spanish translation available.

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